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We love to show what we do!

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Only a few weeks ago it was the Antena 3 program, El Hormiguero, where we broadcasted. This time we have opened the doors of our factory to the TVE cameras.

España Directo landed in Gata de Gorgos to make a coverage as a tribute to the crafts of our town. Wicker, furniture and a mandatory stop at some hat manufacturers, in this case, our company.

Here we were able to show once again how we make our hats in a traditional way, apart from sharing anecdotes from the hands of our workshop colleagues and our manager.

Once again we are very proud to represent the tradition and the authenticity of our town, Gata the Gorgos, and to be able to show our passion for making hats.

Sombreros Signes en El Hormiguero 3.0

Our artisan hats in the program El Hormiguero on Antena 3.

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If we have to show the world how we continue to make handmade hats, what better way than to do it in prime time! The program presented by Pablo Motos, and which has an average daily audience of almost 3 million viewers, all witnessed on May 19th how the process of making artisan hats continues to amaze the public.

Sombreros Signes was invited for a live demonstration to make two of our most emblematic models following the traditional process that we continue to use in our factory.

The speed of television made our colleagues Maite and Ángel to do their best to make two of our models, with different materials and finishes, in the shortest possible time. And of course, with an excellent result to the amazement of the presenters, guests and the audience of the program.
In short, we are very happy and proud of this experience, for being able to represent our business and our town Gata de Gorgos in a showcase for an audience as important as El Hormiguero.

Sombreros Signes en el Hormiguero 3.0

50th Anniversary

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Having 50 years of history on our backs is a long and exciting path. A one of a kind journey where challenges, goals, work and production come together…But first of all, people. On out 50th anniversary we want to pay tribute to our main characters of the half-a-century travel, from our founding ancestors to our providors anywhere on the globe.

Gold Medal to the ” Merit at Work 2018″

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The European Economy and Competitiveness Association awarded us his distinguished “Gold Medal for Merit at Work” that recognize the company spirit within the European framework. The ceremony took place last Thursday 25th January at 21:00 o’clock at the Eurostars Surites Mirasierra Hotel. The event was presented by the prestigious journalist Ana García Lozano.

Half a Century a History….woven with the hands.

Signes Hats we are doubly congratulated, on the one hand to receive this prestigious award that recognizes the trajectory and competitiveness of our company. And on the other hand because it happens just in our 50th anniversary.
This award is without a doubt another impulse to continue working with the same improvement line, non-conformism and innovation in a complicated sector that on the other hand has given us and continues giving us many happiness
Signes Hats is and has been a family company with modest origin and has been growing up little by little, weaving a business philosophy that has sought in the excellence the only way to find a place on the market.
From the main headquarters in Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, today Signes covers an international market in the 5 continents, present on the most important fashion showcases in the sector, creating new synergies with related industries that give our products an added value.
Therefore in our 50th anniversary, more than looking at the past – we do it, and with pride -, we fix our eyes on the future, on reaching, who knows, if 50 more years.


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From Signes we are pleased to invite you to the premiere of our new Showroom in Paris on the 10th and 11th of September coinciding with the exhibitions Première Classe and Who’s Next. There we will present our new Spring / Summer 2018 designs.

We will be located at the following address:
Boutique Egle Bespoke, 26 Rue du Mont Thabor 75001 Paris

The visiting hours will be:
Sunday, September 10th from 09:00 to 18:00
Monday, September 11th from 09.00 to 18.00

Gold Medal 2016

Award to the prestige and business trajectory

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Signes, Gold Medal to the prestige and business development.
We could not imagine a better way to finish the year! Signes has been awarded with the Gold Medal of the Spanish Association of Image Professionals. A prestigious award that recognizes the commitment of our company for the quality and excellence. A news that doubtlessly suppose a renewed boost to face future challenge and objective. The gala was celebrated last 25th November on the Westin Palace Hotel of Madrid, with the presence of leading figures of the fashion world, journalism or cinema. At Signes we just would like to express our gratitude and share this award with our customers who, after all, are the ones that give meaning to our daily work.

Signes in front page.

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Signes had the pleasure to be present at the 90th anniversary of the most important men’s fashion fair the “Pitti Uomo” in Florence. There became the front page of one of the most renowned magazines in the world of style, fashion and the know how to dress, “Dandy Magazine”.


The exoticism as an attraction point.

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There where somebody needs a complement that becomes the protagonist….there will be Signes. In this occasion our hats have had to across half planet to participate on the exclusive Hatwoman’s session in Hong Kong, with the prestigious Tim Wong as a main photographer and under the artistic direction of Jolene Lin, two first level leading figures of the fashion. Our hats dazzled by their poise and elegance creating exotics and sophisticated looks with brands like Valentino, Hermès or Tom Ford. Without doubt our friends and Hatwoman’s customers continue surprising pleasantly


New website Signes

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New website Signes, new reasons to get closer to you.

Signes launch a new website in order to be closer to our customers. In our new site you will find the new collection of each season, the most relevant items and news that show you the daily life of our company. And also it can be use like a showcase for publications, bloggers and fashion professionals that echo our products.


Signes & Dior in Cannes

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Signes & Dior showing style in Cannes.

If there is a firm that shows elegance….is Dior.  And if there is a scenario born for glamour, this is definitely Cannes. In this unique combination of great fashion references, Signes was privileged to participate providing their hats for this exclusive event. Fashion personalities and haute couture from five continents were agreed on a special evening where our hats were much more than an indispensable complement.


At the fashion lead

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At the fashion lead, of course also in Spain.

The Mercedes Fashion Hjek of Madrid was, as every year, the great fashion event in Spain and one of the leading in Europe. By the hand of 44 estudio, without doubt one of the last edition revelations, Signes contributed to create the atmosphere and the style, and it was liked by the public and critics. Bold attitude, transgressive with an air of urban tribes and world cultures…A melting pot of trends where our hats achieved their purpose of small big protagonists.